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Street Food
Street Food

Must-try Betawi Dishes at Setu Babakan

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
15, January 2019

Setu Babakan, South Jakarta is a part of the cultural heritage of Jakarta, which is devoted to the preservation of the indigenous Betawi culture. You can find various things about the native tribe of Jakarta, including its signature dishes. If you plan to visit this recreational place located in Jagakarsa, don't miss to try the delicious and cheap Betawi dishes below.

1. Laksa Betawi
A portion of Laksa Betawi contains yellow noodles, ketupat slices, eggs, bean sprouts and vermicelli. And additional chives and fried onions that make it even more delicious. The Betawi dish is served with a splash of savory thick sauce from the additional rebon shrimp. It's delicious if you eat it while it's still warm.

2. Kerak Telor
Enjoying a relaxing afternoon at Setu Babakan is incomplete if not accompanied by kerak telor. Here you will find many kerak telor sellers, so you can choose as you want. Eating hot kerak telor is more delicious when accompanied by a glass of fresh young coconut.

3. Dodol Betawi
Visiting Setu Babakan is also incomplete if you haven't tasted the legitimate Dodol Betawi. Usually dodol sellers process Dodol Betawi directly at their stalls, so you can see the manufacturing process or taste the freshly cooked dodol. Betawi Dodol is sold in a variety of sizes, from small packages to packaged using plastic besek. The Betawi dish is can also be used as souvenirs for your relatives.

4. Toge Goreng
We could find this food seller easily, because many of toge goreng sellers sell it around the village. But now it is hard to find. But at Setu Babakan, you will also find many toge goreng sellers. The food contains ketupat slices, tofu and bean sprouts, and watered with a signature tauco sauce. Even though it's called toge goreng, it's not fried at all.

5. Bir Pletok
Satisfied with tasting Betawi dishes, close it by trying out a Bir Pletok. Take it easy! This drink would not make you drunk. Bir Pletok does not contain alcohol. The drink is made from ginger stew, secang wood and other spices. The reddish color does look like beer. The best time to enjoy a Bir Pletok is in the afternoon, with ice, guaranteed fresh!

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.