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Must Try Sate and Tongseng in Bintaro

By Eskanisa R

23 January 2020

A must try sate and tongseng in Bintaro.

Sate (satay) and tongseng (sweet-and-spicy beef stew) pak Budi is one of legendary culinary you need to try for delectable lunch or dinner. Located at Jalan RC Veteran, Bintaro, Warung Sate & Tongseng Pak Budi Asli Solo open from 10am to 10pm. If you come at lunch time, do not be surprised to see people are lining up.

Pak Budi always using the exact same recipe made by his grandmother since 1985. Until now, he is not change measurement of seasonings, soy sauce, and meat portions of all the dishes. That is why the taste of its sate and tongseng are not change, still very authentic, where the savoury, sweet, and spicy taste blend perfectly in every single bite.


photo source: CheckInJakarta.doc

You only need pay Rp28.000 to taste mouth-watering tongseng with abundant fillings of tender meat, cabbage, and fresh green tomatoes. While a plate of chicken satay costs for Rp37.000 consists of 10 skewers chicken satay with less smooth peanut sauce and chunks of shallots and cayenne pepper to complete the dish.

Almost 35 years, taste of sate and tongseng are embedded in a lot of food enthusiasts’ tongue. Most recommended menu you should not miss are sate and tongseng. You can also taste chicken satay, beef satay, beef tongseng, chicken tongseng, curry and fried rice. If you are interested to taste those dishes, you should come and visit one of Pak Budi’s branches in Pondok Bambu, Duren Sawit, Bintaro or Bekasi.

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Warung Sate & Tongseng Pak H. Budi Asli Solo
Jl. RC Veteran, Bintaro, Jakarta Selatan

Open Hours:

10.00 – 22.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 021 – 7370709