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Must Try Viral TikTok Food Recipes (Part II)

By Eskanisa R

25 June 2020

Perfect no fail cooking recipes from TikTok.

Photo source: Pixabay
To make you feel at ease due to stay-at-home orders, these are another must try recipes we found out on TikTok.

1. Strawberry Milk Latte
This one comes from South Korea which almost café there offering this creamy, sweet yet little bit sour drink which perfect for your binge-watching!
Ingredients for strawberry jam:
10 large strawberries
4 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp lemon juice
2 large strawberries (garnish)
300 ml fresh milk
Ice cubes
1. Rinse all strawberries, slice, and set aside.
2. Mix ten strawberries with sugar and lemon juice, cook on low heat.\
3. Use spatula to mash strawberries, then stir well until texture thickened (like jam), and set aside.
4. After it cool, prepare serving glass, pour strawberry jam, put some ice cubes, add milk and give some slices of strawberries as final touch before served.

2. Caramel Custard Pudding
For those Gyu-Kaku’s milk pudding lovers, this recipes will make your taste buds dance.
400 ml full cream milk
3 egg yolks
250 ml cream
4 sheets gelatine (cut into small cube pieces)
200 ml cold water (to soak gelatine)
2 tsp vanilla essence
5 tbsp sugar
Caramel glaze:
3 cubes palm sugar
200 ml water
Vanilla powder
1. Mix egg yolks and sugar until the mixture is fluffy and lightened in colour, set aside.l
2. Heat 200 ml milk in a lukewarm temperature. Mix milk with egg and sugar mixture, little by little, stir well.
3. Heat milk, egg, and sugar in a lukewarm temperature. Add gelatine which already soaked in cold water, stir well until gelatine melted and set aside.
4. Add remaining milk into first mixture, add cream, and vanilla essence. Use heatproof bowl or any container, put the mixture, store in refrigerator until hardened.
5. To make caramel glaze, heat 200 ml milk and palm sugar on low heat until thickened.
6. If pudding already hardened, add the glaze and sprinkle of vanilla powder before served cold.

3. Churros
You can make this mouth-watering snack without a mixer.
150 grams purpose flour
250 ml water
3 eggs (beaten lightly)
100 grams butter or margarine
¼ tsp salt
Oil for frying
Dipping sauce:
3 tbsp refined sugar
1 tsp cinnamon powder
200 grams dark chocolate (sliced)
250 ml full cream milk
1. Heat water and butter or margarine in a non-sticky pan in a lukewarm temperature, stir well until butter or margarine melted, set aside.

2. Add flour and salt, stir well. Cover with plastic wrap or another plastic, let it sit for 15 minutes.
3. Put eggs little by little while stirring. Then, put the mixture on plastic bag, cut the edges, cut at least 10 cm dough until all is used.
4. Cook on medium heat, but make sure the oil is hot enough. If you see many bubbles, your oil is ready for frying until all dough is used, let it cool.
5. For first dipping sauce, mix refined sugar and cinnamon powder. Then for chocolate dipping sauce, heat dark chocolate and milk on medium heat until chocolate melted using non-sticky pan or you can simply use heatproof bowl to heat chocolate and milk in lukewarm temperature above the bubbling pot of boiling water.
6. Serve churros with sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and chocolate sauce while warm.

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