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Nadiem Makarim The Pioneer of Modern Ojek

Nadiem Makarim The Pioneer of Modern Ojek


For you who is tired of Jakarta’s traffic jam, ojek (a transportation using motorcycle) can be an alternative transportation you can consider. Seeing that promising potential, Nadiem Makarim got an idea to start Go-Jek which now already being a well-known brand for us.

Started elementary school in Jakarta, Nadiem once felt the strict system of a high school in Singapore. Entering college, Nadiem chose International Relations major in Brown University, USA. For a year, Nadiem had a foreign exchange program in London School of Economics. Unsatisfied of just being a bachelor, Nadiem continued his study to Harvard Business School and successfully reached MBA degree (Master of Business Administration). With his business knowledge and intelligence, Nadiem went back to Indonesia to contribute for his hometown.

Before focusing on Go-Jek, Nadiem once took part on e-commerce world and being the CEO of fashion online transaction site, Zalora Indonesia. In developing Go-Jek, Nadiem not only goes for profit, but also wants to improve the welfare of ojek driver in Indonesia. Because of him, the image of a job as ojek driver now gets better in public. With well-maintained motorcycle and complete accessories to ride, Go-Jek is ready to give the best service in transportation or delivery order. Curious enough to try it?