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Nafas Help Monitor Harmful Pollution around You

By Eskanisa R

13 October 2020

Provides a sense of air pollution quality to avoid.

Photo source: App Store
Did you ever know this newest application to help protect yourself and family? Nafas is a smart air quality monitor to displays real-time concentration of harmful pollution around you indoors and outdoors.
Nafas may not the only one smart air quality monitor, but using sensors to displays real-time data at most. Nafas put over 50 local sensors in Jabodetabek to bring air quality data to you. The data itself auto refresh every 20 minutes to provide accurate details.
In a very simple clean interface, Nafas displays the Air Quality Index (AQI); reporting air quality from the lowest to higher value and Particulate Matter (PM); sum of all solid and liquid particles suspended in air.
You can also search by Address (within Jabodetabek) to know which location have higher level of air pollution should avoid and articles to learn about air quality from experts. Here you can find vary notifications (in form of colour changing) based on the air quality you live.
Green indicates the air quality around you is good. Yellow indicates moderate quality. Orange indicates unhealthy quality for sensitive group including children, elderly, and people with lung disease. While the red colour also indicates the air quality is very unhealthy that require people especially sensitive ones to avoid the outdoors activity and using air purifier at home or office as we summarized from Kompas.
Nafas is available on the App Store and PlayStore for free.

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