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Fine Dining
Fine Dining

Namaaz Dining - Pioneer in Molecular Gastronomy Restaurant

Spectr News Theme Nadia Latief
18, November 2015

What if you go into a restaurant and only a burning candle is served as your food? But you can eat the candle and turn out it’s a banana flambé. Hmmm, confusing yet interesting, isn’t it? Well, that’s the experience you will get in Namaaz Dining, more or less.

The food can come in various forms; from black charcoal, hard stone, to burned candle. But once you take a bite, you will have the taste of Indonesian cuisine there. This is what we called as molecular gastronomy. By combining science and culinary, the appearance and the taste of the food is very different. Such a food that will trick your mind.

The molecular gastronomy sensation can be found in Namaaz Dining, a restaurant located in Jalan Gunawarman, South Jakarta. You need to make an online reservation first through their website because the restaurant can only hold as many as 28 persons per session. One dining session lasts for 2-3 hours and open only for dinner. Due to its unique dining sensation, the restaurant applies many regulations than others.

Namaaz Dining does not serve other beverage than still and sparkling water, but you may bring your own wine. The cuisine also does not tolerate vegetarian, pescatarian or other diet, so avoid dining here if you have any food allergy. Because there are so many special ingredients for the food served here, the menu is fixed so you cannot place a special request.


Photo source: Twitter @NamaazDining

To enjoy this molecular gastronomy food you must spend IDR 1,250,000 per person for the 17 courses of cuisine. If you want to celebrate a special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries or a marriage proposal, Namaaz Dining is ready to give a memorable experience while you enjoy the unusual meal here. You just have to mention the occasion upon the reservation so Namaaz Dining could make a preparation. Interested in trying the unique dining sensation here?

Nadia Latief
Nadia Latief