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Vietnamese Food with a Modern Twist

Vietnamese Food with a Modern Twist

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After its fame in Singapore, NamNam Noodle Bar is now available in JakartaThis is the chance to try if you haven’t taste it. In Jakarta, NamNam already has 3 branches. One of them is in Pantai Indah Kapuk area. What makes this restaurant so famous? It is the originality of Vietnamese taste that you can get here. There are the Vietnamese Pho, Banh Mi, also noodles and snacks.

Although it is modernized, NamNam Noodle Bar still uses the traditional recipe, which is the secret of NamNam that loved by its customers. You don’t have to worry because the dishes at NamNam don’t use artificial flavors such as MSG. The service is fast and the price is budget-friendly.

Photo source: Instagram (@namnamnoodlebar)

If this is your first time, try order their Crispy Fried Prawn & Chicken Rolls, the fried spring rolls filled with shrimp and chicken. The tenderness of the meat covered with crispy skin will spoil your tongue. You can then continue with the most famous Vietnamese dish, Pho.

The Pho here has many choices of meat, from chicken, steak, meatballs, or combination of all. With the clear refreshing soup, hmmm… Makes you want it now, right? There is also Banh Mi or the baguette bread filled with various choice of meat and vegetables or Vietnam style sandwich. Of course, it is special for the Vietnamese herbs. Which one do you want to try?


Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 21 & 23, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia



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