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Nana Ideal Sleep Through Digital Technology

Nana Ideal Sleep Through Digital Technology


Sleep tracker system Nana, starts to expand from its home market Singapore, and will be launched in Indonesia. After used for baby before, Nana now has a new segment which is for adults so you can try it by yourself. Nana is expected to overcome the lack of sleep problems for adults that can trigger diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Also, lack of sleep can cause accidents in work or traffic, and also indifference habit in work.

Nana is made with some components. First is a sensor mat to be slipped under the mattress and can detect movement, breathing, and heart rate when you sleep. A Wi-Fi device then placed on the side of your bed to send data to the cloud-basis analyze machine which can translate the data and give you tips to improve your sleep. Then, you can read the data and tips in Nana apps which is available for Android and iOS.

Nana has some features that make it different from another sleep tracker. Nana has fiber-optic micro-bending sensor technology which can monitor and analyze sleep accurately. Nana gives personal tips so you will feel more comfortable. Nana can also identify surroundings, so it can give you real-time suggestion and dim the room lights to regulate the room temperature and activate calming music or white noise.