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Nasi Goreng Gila Menten, Not Your Ordinary Fried Rice

By Eskanisa R

04 January 2021

Very good fried and crazy rice for affordable prices.

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It is not without reason this street food stall used name of former 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama as their name. It was because, Obama himself had a taste for flavorful nasi goreng gila they made.
Since 1980s, this fried rice stall roaming around SDN Menteng 01 Jakarta then decided to settle right in front of the school where little Obama had his education. Those who love both fried rice and nasi goreng gila should definitely try this one!
When Obama visited Jakarta, one of his main men ordered nasi goreng gila to Obama and other delegates to be enjoyed. Since then, this stall formerly known as Nasi Gila Gondrong changed its name Nasi Gila Obama.
Behind its unique name, nasi goreng gila or crazy fried rice, for Rp20.000 you can enjoy large portion of fried rice with everything in it. We are talking about meatballs, sausages, vegetables, shredded chicken and sometimes chicken gizzards.
To intesify and bolster the flavor of the nasi goreng gila they sprinkle grated cheese atop. Do not be surprised if you see long queue here. Even some officials and celebrities have visited here.
Besides nasi goreng gila, you can also try their nasi gila, white rice topped with meatballs, sausages, and scrambled eggs. Make sure to come before dinner time around 7 to 9 pm to avoid long queue or simply order through food apps delivery.   

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Nasi Gila Spesial Gondrong
Jl. Besuki No. 1 RT 003 RW 005, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Open Hours:

16.00 – 03.00 WIB