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Get Rid Your Hunger with These Nasi Pecel

By Eskanisa R

28 Mar 2019

Best nasi pecel in Jakarta with affordable prices.

You do not need to spend a lot of money as best cure for nostalgia of your hometown, come to these restaurants which offer delicious nasi pecel (vegetables in peanut sauce served with rice) with typical hometown ambience, these can make you feel fuller for longer and happy.

1. Pecel Ramidjan

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There are a lot of pecel (vegetables in peanut sauces) types in Indonesia and this pecel Madiun is quite famous. Here, you can enjoy a plate of warm white rice served with fresh vegetables topped with savoury, tasty peanut sauce at affordable price.

Open garage transformed into a simple dining place decorated with wooden benches and tables, coupled with bamboo walls, the ambience of Pecel Ramidjan feels like in your hometown. Along with nasi pecel, you can also try Bakwan Jagung (corn fritters), Tahu dan Tempe Bacem (braised spiced tofu and tempeh), Telur Dadar (omelette), Tahu Lombok Ijo (tofu with green chili) dan Brongkos Sapi. Brongkos sapi is beef cooked in brown, black-ish broth with strong kluwek aroma and has a sweet, little bit savoury flavours.

Pecel Ramidjan

Address: Jl. Prof Joko Sutono No. 3, Senopati, South Jakarta

Phone: +6281218642466 / +62217208448

Open: 6.30 am – 8 pm

2. Pecel Pincuk Kalibata

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Served on pincuk, this one will pampering your taste buds with their signature taste. Pincuk in Javanese means a plate, a cone shaped banana leaf and pinned with tooth picks. Above the pincuk, nasi pecel will be served. Pecel Pincuk Kalibata offers complete vegetables, there are beans, bean sprouts, spinach, papaya leaves, a thick, savoury peanut sauce that the spiciness you can adjust suit your taste, sprinkles of serundeng (spiced shredded coconut), orek tempe (tempeh with soy sauce), fresh basil leaves and lamtoro (Chinese petai).

The other complement you shouldn’t miss are both Peyek (lentil or peanut crackers) or Gendar (crackers made of rice) or you can top your nasi pecel with Botok (shredded coconut with Chinese petai, tempeh, anchovy and others), Tahu dan Tempe Bacem (braised spiced tofu and tempeh), Sate Ati Ampela dan Telur Puyuh (gizzards, hearts and quail satay), Empal (spiced, fried chunks of beef cooked for very long time) dan Paru (spiced cow lung). 

Pecel Pincuk Kalibata

Address: Pusat Jajanan Pancoran, Jl. TMP Kalibata No. 1, Kalibata, South Jakarta

Phone: +628129619843

Open: 8 am – 4 pm

3. Pecel Pincuk Godong Ijo

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You can find typical Surabaya restaurant in Bintaro, South Jakarta, Pecel Pincuk Godong Ijo. They offer complete menu, from nasi pecel (vegetables in peanut sauce served with rice), rawon (beef black soup) and various of penyetan (chicken, tempeh, tofu, cat fish, milk fish, meatballs, all been pressed with spicy sambal). Served on a piece of banana leaf, the complete nasi pecel topped with pile of savoury, thick peanut sauce.

A perfect combination of spinach, cassava leaves, bean sprouts, cucumber and basil leaves served with warm white rice, serundeng (spiced shredded coconut) and peyek (lentil or peanut crackers) make you want for more and more. Not only peyek, it also taste good with shrimp crackers. Do not forget to taste a warm teh poci, tea that served with teapot and cups made of clay.

Pecel Pincuk Godong Ijo

Address: Jl. Taman Bintaro No. 7, Bintaro, South Jakarta

Phone: +62217377097

Open: 10 am – 10 pm