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The Best Oseng Cumi in Town!

By Isny Dewi R

22 April 2019

The best oseng cumi at Nasi Pedas Juragan.

Don't claim yourself as a spicy lover if you have never tried Nasi Pedas Oseng Juragan which is popular and makes a lot of people curious. If you come here, you must try Oseng Cumi Extra L. Don't get wrong! The oseng here is different from oseng in general. Nasi Pedas Oseng Juragan’s oseng offers fantastic and delicious taste, and makes you hooked.

Oseng Cumi Extra L served while hot. As soon as the dish is served on your table, you will see the smoke steaming, reddish sauce, big squid slices, a sprinkling of green chili and pete on top. You certainly can't wait to eat it immediately. Once inside your mouth, yummy! It tastes savory and spicy, and the squid has chewy texture. The spicy flavour tastes perfectly absorbed into the squid's flesh, the mouth seems don’t want to stop chewing.

The maximum delicious and spicy taste come from a concoction that is not arbitrary. According to the owner, the spices used are different from the general spices. But still has the taste of the archipelago and rich in Indonesian spices. They only use the best and big squids. The squid is marinated first and vacuumed with the best storage.

The average process of frozen squid only lasts five days, after that it is not used anymore. It is from the marinate process and storage producing the fresh and delicious squid. The chewy and crunchy squid's texture is also because of the duration of the marinate process and proper cooking. The cooking process only lasts eight to ten minutes, starting from spices cooking to serving.

So, don't be surprised if Nasi Pedas Oseng Juragan’s oseng cumi tastes special. An Oseng Cumi Extra L portion is priced at Rp. 60,000. You can enjoy it with your friend or your loved ones. If you are a fan of petai, you can request additional petai. Guaranteed the taste will be more delicious!

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