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A Legendary Authentic Taste

A Legendary Authentic Taste

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When you explore Kebon Kacang Street in Tanah Abang area, you surely will find crowded residence houses. But not only that, you can also find many nasi uduk (nasi: rice) sellers which selling it side by side. But the most popular one is “Kedai Nasi Uduk dan Ayam Goreng Kebon Kacang Zainal Fanani”.

This outlet apparently has been here since 1967. At first, the outlet was just located on the side of the road. But now it already has five branches in Jakarta and Makassar.

First, it’s Zainal’s father who started the business. After he passed away, Zainal takes control and expands the business. The success of this nasi uduk stall comes from delicious savory taste of the nasi uduk without additional chemical flavoring, with thick peanut sauce.

The way of eating nasi uduk here is quite unique. You will be served with one tray full of nasi uduk packs wrapped in banana leaves. One pack contains about a fist-shaped of nasi uduk. While the peanut sauce is served separately. You can choose the side dishes such as Indonesian fried chicken, tempeh, and tofu.

The small portion of nasi uduk served in one pack makes the customer unconsciously grab another two packs or more. No wonder, the delicacy of this Betawi signature dish with perfect mixture of spice on the rice will make the customers like to eat more. This what makes Nasi Uduk Zainal Fanani so popular until now. So legendary, right?


Jl. Kebon Kacang, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia


+62 21 471 6415