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Commitment to Live Healthy Full of Nutrition

Spectr News Theme Miranti Devina
21, August 2015

Nestle Indonesia is a subsidiary from Nestle S.A. which located in Vevey, Swiss, and been operated in approximately 150 years. As the health and nutrition company in the world, Nestle started to operated in Indonesia in 1971.

Nestle Indonesia has more than 3.300 employees now and operates 4 factories, which are Kejayan Factory in East Java to produce milk products such as Dancow and Bear Brand, Panjang Factory in Lampung to produce Nescafe instant coffee, Cikupa Factory in Banten to produce candies such as Fox’s, Polo, and Crunch, and Karawang Factory in West Java producing Dancow, Milo, and Cerelac.

Health and nutrition is the main concern for Nestle. This company has a purpose to make a better life with providing healthy and full of nutrition food and beverages.

Nestle’s sustainable vision is to provide relevant information for customers to help them choose the healthier choice. To realize this vision, Nestle introduces a new approach through their transparent product information and easy to be understood by the customers on all of their products. It’s called Nestle Nutritional Compass, consists of Nutritional Information, Good to Know, and Good to Remember.

Their motto is “Good Food, Good Life”, visualizing Nestle’s commitment to always use knowledge and technology to create products that can fulfill human’s daily basic needs, such as food and beverages with high quality, nutritious, safe to consume, and delicious.

Not only through their products, but Nestle also brings their commitment through various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in nutrition and health, water and living environment, rural development, and community development.

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina