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The New Era Television

The New Era Television


Although it is a newcomer in Indonesian television industry, but NET. is already a popular local channel in Indonesia with the tagline “Televisi Masa Kini” (the television for new era). The well-known tagline is not just a tagline but also the principle of this television for the products they offer. The entertainment and information contents are focused on nowadays trend in multiplatform concept, which means NET. does not give boundaries for the audience to watch the channels anytime anywhere.

This means you don’t need to have a TV to watch NET. Just with an internet connection, you can stream the channel on YouTube or the site http://www.netmedia.co.id. You can even enjoy it from your smartphone by downloading the application for iOS or Android.

The attractive side of NET. lies on their visual color which is sharper and brighter because they use full high definition system. Besides, NET. also always tries to involve their loyal audience through social media. So when a program is airing, you can interact with the host and other guest stars live.

Until now, they have 7 program categories, such as NET. Kids, NET. Sport, NET. Information, NET. Documentary, NET. Entertainment, NET. Music, and NET. Magazine. Although NET. is a newcomer, but they already have many favorite programs which are waited by the audience everyday.

Even a big event such as APEC CEO Summit 2013 was once held on NET. television station. Maybe this is a clue that NET. is a TV station that can give new breakthrough in television industry with the innovative, creative, informative, inspirational, and entertaining programs.


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