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Netflix Subscription Prices after 10% VAT

By Eskanisa R

09 August 2020

After 10% VAT, cost still affordable for movie geeks.

Photo source: Pixabay
It cannot be denied binge-watching becomes new trend in regards to corona outbreak. When people has no option to meet others to unwind their rough days, they made internet as another best friend either to get rid of boredom or having ugly crying to their feelings.
Although binge-watching becoming trend way before large-scale social restrictions were required, this may help people relieve stress caused by corona virus in a good way—to keep people stay at their homes.
Hence, Netflix officially available in Indonesia as streaming service allows the members to watch diverse variety of TV shows, movies to documentaries unlimited through different devices—phones, laptops, tablets or even smart TVs which connected to the internet.
Netflix provides four different packages suit your needs; Mobile, Basic, Standard and Premium. While differences is only for the number of devices can access to the same Netflix account at the same time and the video resolution.
 As the result of the requirement of taxes for every digital transaction since August 1, here are new subscription prices of Netflix (after 10 percent VAT).
Mobile: enjoy all Netflix shows on your phone or tablet for only Rp54.000 per month.
Basic: enjoy all HD quality Netflix shows on your phone or table for only Rp120.000 per month.
Standard: enjoy all HD quality Netflix shows on two different devices for only Rp153.000 per month.
Premium: enjoy all HD and Ultra HD (4K) Netflix shows on four different devices for only Rp186.000 per month.

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