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Netflix's Top 10 Most Popular Shows during the Pandemic

By Isny Dewi R

06 August 2020

Many Netflix original series have become big hits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo source: Pexels
During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have turned to streaming services to pass the time while social distancing. As more viewers seek out content online, the most popular shows on Netflix since quarantine began might surprise you.
Several time ago, Netflix introduced the Top 10 List, informing users which movies or shows are the most watched for the first time in the platform's history, and one Reddit user mined that information to create the best quarantine streaming guide.
Reddit user Lamboo compiled data from Netflix, ranking the top shows since the tool debuted, as per Forbes. The Reddit user came up with a system that assigns values for each of the top 10 spots, and then adds how many days each show was in that spot.
Now, users can check out these compiled lists to see which shows have performed the best over the past three months. The results might not be a shock to hardcore Netflix watchers. Viral original series like Tiger King, Ozark, and Too Hot to Handle made it on the list. But there are some surprises in there, too.
Netflix is notorious for keeping viewership data under wraps, and this secrecy can make it impossible to predict which shows will be renewed. The streaming giant still isn't releasing specific data, but the top 10 list and the unofficial data pulled from the rankings can give viewers more insight into which shows are good to watch.
Many Netflix original series have become big hits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the Top 10 List for the past three months:
  1. Tiger King – 383 points
  2. Ozark – 377 points
  3. Love Is Blind – 302 points
  4. Dead to Me – 216 points
  5. The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez – 191 points
  6. Sweet Magnolias – 145 points
  7. Never Have I Ever – 125 points
  8. Too Hot to Handle – 124 points
  9. Money Heist – 120 points
  10. Altered Carbon – 113 points
It's clear that a wide range of content continues to appeal to Netflix viewers. Reality television fans will be pleased to see some of the series on the list, including Love Is Blind, in which contestants date and get engaged in pods, without ever seeing each other; and Too Hot to Handle, which placed 20 attractive singles on an island, awarding cash prizes to those who didn't hook up.
Meanwhile, the documentary series Tiger King, which became a sensation online, still holds the top spot. The original Reddit post also noted that Space Force, which debuted on 29 May, has also been a popular over the past couple of weeks, but it hasn't been streaming long enough to be factored into the data.

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