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Never Too Lavish Changes Items to be Cooler

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04, September 2019

For those who are bored with their sneakers or jackets design, maybe you should stop by to this Instagram account @nevertoolavish. You will see how unique and creative sneakers, jackets, and other items are remodel. Never Too Lavish itself is a local customizer in the custom line of jackets, bags, luggage, sneakers, and more.

Never Too Lavish began as a small business selling branded items. Utilizing good relations with friends who like to travel abroad by entrusted to buy branded items that are not sold in Indonesia. They then resell these items via Instagram.

Gradually, their customers began requested to customize items. However, the customization process abroad takes a long time and it’s more expensive. Audi, one of Never Too Lavish owner, then found an idea to take an advantage of this opportunity and finally decided to work with a local artist Bernhard Suryaningrat.

Bernhard is tasked with making hand paintings on customer's items. Bernhard's joining as a leading artist changed Never Too Lavish. They no longer sell branded items, and turn them into custom business of branded fashion items.

Still in the realm of customization, Never Too Lavish penetrated into the more complicated realm. They also offer Decon-Recon (deconstruction and reconstruction) service. As the name implies, they replace the material of an item with another material. Mostly, customers want their shoes to be the object of this decon-recon. The process, shoes will be deconstructed or dissected. Then, material from the factory will be replaced with certain material according to customer request.

For decon-recon, the customize business headquartered in Kebon Jeruk area of West Jakarta charges between Rp 10 to Rp 15 million for suede, crocodile and snake skin materials. As for branded item materials, they set rates of around Rp. 15 to Rp 16 million. As for customers who only want hand painting, Never Too Lavish sells them at various rates, starting from Rp 1.5 million to Rp 8.5 million. Prices are usually adjusted to the size of the picture.

Photo Source: @nevertoolavish

Never Too Lavish is increasingly known to the wider community thanks to President Joko Widodo. Since the number one person in Indonesia ordered their jackets and wear them on various occasions, Never Too Lavish's turnover has increased 100%. Jokowi wore an Indonesian-themed denim jacket, he used it for his chopper motorbike touring to Sukabumi ,. There are also black, red and yellow jackets with the Asian Games theme.


Top Photo Source: @nevertoolavish

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.