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New and Safe Way to Enjoy Cinemas amid COVID-19

By Eskanisa R

02 September 2020

Starts from Rp200.000.

Photo source: Pixabay

Do you miss watching movies in a theatre these days? It has not opened yet but you can cure by visiting Drive-In Senja. Located at the North Parking Lot Mall Alam Sutera, Tangerang, this drive-in movie theatre could be an ideal safe, comfortable, and affordable alternative place to watch your favourite movies.
Drive-In Senja offering similar concept with previous, very first drive-in movie theatre in Jakarta. This also could be the answer for those who bored binge-watching at home and have no chance to watch movie in real theatre.
They aired vary genres—family, adventure to horror, even old 70s to 90s Hollywood movies, all have permits from several film parties to ensure the event is safe. Also to ensure safety and comfort of all visitors, Drive-In Senja applying health protocols including:

- Car with four seats required to have only two or three people, while six seats required to have max four people.
- Mask wearing for all visitors.
- Checking body temperature (max 37.5°C).
- Clean hands with automatic hand sanitizer.
- Keep safe a meter distance between cars.
- Visitors are not allowed to get out of car unless emergency.
Drive-In Senja also collaborated with several radios where all visitors tune to the radio frequency to hear the (audio) movie. Hence, they do not need to open the windows while watching. Make sure to check your radio before visiting. The ticket starts from Rp200.000 – Rp400.000 and available on Gotix, Tix ID, and Loket. Click here to find out latest schedule and its show times.

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Drive-In Senja
Lapangan Parkir Utara Mall Alam Sutera, Jl. Jalur Sutera Barat, Tangerang 15143