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New Interesting Zone IIMS Motobike Show 2020

By Eskanisa R

24 September 2020

February 18 - 28, 2021 at JIExpo Kemayoran.

Photo source: iims_id

Next year, this annual event, IIMS Motobike Show put new place for all bike lovers. During this coronavirus outbreak, cycling became a trend and has increased by more than 100%. Therefore, Dyandra New Adventure (DNA) as the organizer of IIMS Motobike Show 2021 bring new arena for industrial (bicycle) brands supporting low-carbon modes of transportation and lifestyle.
If there is no change of date regards to unclear signs of the pandemic to an abrupt, this event will be held on February 18 – 28, 2021 at JIExpo Kemayoran. Dyandra New Adventure (DNA) following health protocol including checking body temperature, mask and/or face shiled wearing, providing proper hand washing and sanitizer places and keeping safe physical distancing for both builders, staffs, and visitors later.
IIMS Motobike Show 2021 will also present other interesting agendas including Indonesian Custom E-Moto Expo & Championship (ICEC) and Trade in Festival for brands with trade-in and repeat orders services.

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Indonesia International Motor Show 2021
JIExpo Kemayoran, Pademangan Timur, Jakarta Pusat 14410

Open Hours:

18 - 28 Februari 2021