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New Normal Health Guidelines for Workplaces due to COVID-19

By Eskanisa R

02 June 2020

New normal health and safety guideline at workplaces due to COVID-19.

Photo source: Pixabay

In the past few days, you probably familiar with term of new normal protocols for work situations which refers to follow the same social distancing and hygiene measures throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Meanwhile, no one knows when this pandemic will end, Indonesia seens to be preparing to follow new normal protocols. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, here are implementation of health and safety protocols for workplaces based on Minister of Health Decree No. HK.01.07/MENKES/328/2020 dated May 20, 2020.

1. Managements are always monitoring and giving latest updates of COVID-19 information in their areas periodically.
2. Create a full team to handle COVID-19 in workplaces which consists of leader, staff, K3 (health, safety, and well-being) and health workers.
3. Leaders provide policies and procedures for employees to report every case of COVID-19 suspected to be monitored by health workers.
4. Body temperature measurements are required at the entrance of workplaces using thermogun. Before entering building, employees also required to apply COVID-19 Risk Assessment to ensure there are none of them affected by COVID-19.
5. Eliminating excessive overtime which can lead to lack of sleep time that can be hugely damaging employees’ health (immunity).
6. Eliminating shifting, if you are forced, choose employees less than 50 years old.
7. Managements are required to facilitate health and safety workplaces by cleaning door handles and stairs, elevator buttons, shared office equipment and other public areas periodically for every 4 hours using proper cleaning supplies and disinfectant. They also provide more hand washing facilities (soap, running water, and paper towels) and hand sanitizers with minimum 70% alcohol in vital places such as entrances, meeting rooms, elevators and so forth.
8. Employees are required to wear mask from/return home, and at work.
9. Setting the distance between employees at least a meter for each work activities including work tables, chairs and canteen, and so forth.
10. Employees are required to not use personal equipment jointly including prayer items, cutlery, bottle water and so forth.
11. Applying cough ethics (covering mouth and nose with upper arms) and if you are using tissue to cover it up, dispose immediately used tissue in a closed trash can and wash your hands with soap under running water afterward.

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