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Newest Smartphone to Record Better Pro Quality Video

By Eskanisa R

30 August 2020

Perfect alternative for pro quality videos.

Photo source: Pixabay

Do you know vlogging has benefits for mental health? As reported by Manchester Metropolitan University, this activity can actually help people to feelings of loneliness and social isolation which leads to depression.
Hence, to cope with mental burden and loneliness, you can try vlogging with this newest smartphone. While using this smartphones, you do not have to use professional camera to make proper videos.
Vivo equipped their latest series—Vivo X50 Pro with gimbal stabilization technology as the very first series using gimbal technology to record better, pro quality videos even you move around.
Gimbal technology itself commonly find on DSLR or mirrorless cameras. Here, Vivo X50 Pro paired 48 MP main camera with gimbal technology and a double-ball allows camera to rotate in all directions or also known as big eye camera.
This gimbal technology has a full frame stabilization feature allows to give clear photos and videos without any cutting. A Double S-Type FPC module designed for shock and vibration resistance. Along with those, Gimbal Radar will guide users to make more stable videos and photos.
Besides the 48 MP main camera, Vivo X50 Pro also equipped with 13 MP portrait camera and 8 MP super wide angle. You can even enjoy 5x zoom through the periscope camera with quite interesting features including Extreme Night Vision, 60x Hyper Zoom, Super Stable Motion, Super Night Mode and Super Night Camera to capture better quality photos and videos at night (low light).
The price starts from Rp9.999.000 and available at Vivo retail store in Indonesia and Blibli as Vivo’s official online shop.

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