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Make Drinking Coffee at Work More Fun

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
11, December 2017

Feeling bored at work? Want to sip a cup of coffee but tired of your common coffee? Why don't you just call Ngopi di Kantor community? This group of barista will serving you with a cup of good and hot coffee just for you and your coworkers. Not only making coffees, you can also interact with the barista or try to make your own coffee.

‘pick up the ball’ is the concept of this community. For them, you should not always go to coffee shop just to enjoy good coffee. Drinking coffee at work can be a fun moment, too. According to a member, Ngopi di Kantor community also committed to untuk lift Indonesian coffee existence.

But, don't hope you can find this  community at some events, like food exhibition or bazaar which is usually only sell coffee brewing, with no interaction between the barista and the customer. 

Although they have been experts in coffee brewing stuff, but they still assume this communnity just a group of amateur barista, because they know all about coffee brewing only from other barista and watch the tutorials on YouTube.

At least, it's been 2 years #Ngopidikantor Community existed. And this community not only become a loving coffee movement from one office to another office. Many Jakartan Celebrities, even the ministers attracted to enjoy their coffee. United States Embassy for Indonesia which located in Jakarta has invited Ngopi Di Kantor to brewing coffee.

This community has principle where coffee basically from planting, harvest, to roasting, will keep pull out good aroma when it serves. And the existence of barista is just to give final touch on the process.

Brewing process started with the right use of grinder to get the best smoothness. Then use manual brewing coffee, such as lat seduh manual, seperti kalita, aeropress, V60, frenchpress, syphon, and moka pot. While the support tools are electric scales, gooseneck kettle, coffee filter paper, termometer, and coffee server.

These ways are a little different than what most barista at coffee shop usually do where they also need portafilter, tamper, and stopwatch. Usually, these tools only used by professional barista which can be seen at coffee shop.

Drinking coffee at work? Why not?

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.