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Guest House
Guest House

An Affordable Hostel with Trendy Design

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26, November 2018

A capsule hotel or a hostel are viable options for backpackers or those traveling on a shoestring budget. A budget lodging option opened recently in Jakarta, offering not only affordable rates, but also comfortable stays.

The spot come with trendy design, proving that traveling on a budget does not mean settling for unsavory rooms in which to sleep. At least, that is what Nomad Hostel wants to proof. As we all know, Kemang in South Jakarta is a popular area among expats. The hostel is located near various entertainment hub such as cafe, shopping mall, bar, and restaurant, all accessible within walking distance.

Different from the many business hotels in the area, Nomad Hostel deserves a spot on your Instagram feed. One of favorited areas at the Kemang hostel is the shared common area where you can interact with travelers alike. The common space provides a comfortable seating area along with the entertaining table tennis and billiard.

There is also a coffee shop which is located on the first floor, serving light bites and varieties of drinks. The coffee shop provides indoor and outdoor area, along with a mini bar seat for those who want to enjoy a pleasant time without having to leave the hostel.

Photo Source: @nomadkemang

The NOMAD Hostel Kemang by Archipelago International comes with 192 pods split into four room types, those are room with 10 Pods, 14 Pods, 16 Pods and 20 Pods. The rooms are separated for male and female travellers, but there are also mixed rooms. The hostel is equipped with spacious shared bathrooms, common areas, a swimming pool and coin laundry services, making it convenient for a long-term stay. The rate they offer starting at Rp 130.000.


Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.