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North Pole Café – Your Ice Cream and Coffee Time

North Pole Café – Your Ice Cream and Coffee Time

Sweets Weekday: 11.30 - 22.30, Weekend: 11.00 - 23.30


For you who are a culinary lover, you might be already familiar with Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). This area is a hip one in Jakarta for recent year. Why? Because there are so many unique restaurants and café there! This North Pole Café for example.

North Pole is the right place for you who want to chill yourself from the hotness of the sun. You can taste gelato in various flavors here, from the usual flavors like strawberry and vanilla, to beer flavors for you who like beers. After choose your desired flavor, you can choose the cone types with toppings such as Fruit Loops, Oreo, or Cannon Ball. For you who want to taste many flavors of ice cream in one plate, you can order Classic Smoky Pan for standard flavors, or Bold Smoky Pan for unique ice cream flavors.

This café has minimalist design with a touch of blue, white, and wood colors. Because of the comfortable ambience, no wonder this café is often crowded with their loyal customers who are willing to wait to be seated. Interested to try?


Jalan Marina Raya, Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No. 57, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14460



Operational Hours

Weekday: 11.30 - 22.30, Weekend: 11.00 - 23.30