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Now Google Maps is Available Offline!

Now Google Maps is Available Offline!


For you who often got annoyed while trying to access Google Maps due to the poor or missing signals, you don’t need to worry no more. Google Maps can now be accessed without internet connection.

Recently Google Maps has launched an “Offline” feature for users in Indonesia. This feature allows you to access the same navigation as it is when connected to the internet, complete with the additional information about your destination.

For example, if you want to go to a place but your smartphone’s internet connection is unstable or got cut off suddenly, this Offline feature can be very helpful. The trick is, before you leave home you must first download the area you are about to go by typing your destination on the search box. After that, click on the white box on the bottom of the screen, which shows the area that has been selected, then select Download. The size of the area that is available for download is up to 400 MB and can only be downloaded thru Wi-Fi.

To access the offline map, simply touch the Google Maps on the left corner, and select Offline areas. Then choose the area you want it to show. Good luck!