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Now, WhatsApp is Free of Annual Charge!

Now, WhatsApp is Free of Annual Charge!


For you the WhatsApp Messenger users, you may already get the notification from the app, which telling you that now WhatsApp gives lifetime free service for your account. This news has also been posted through the official WhatsApp website on January 18, 2016.

Usually, WhatsApp writes at the payment info section that the annual fee will be charged after your first year account activation is ended and they put the expired date. But now you will find a “Lifetime” service expiration information at the payment info section. In Indonesia, the annual charge of WhatsApp is Rp12.000,- per year after the free first year. The payment is done by credit card or Google Wallet.

But, this thing triggers WhatsApp to free their service charge because a lotof WhatsApp users don’t have credit card for the payment and they worry if they will not be able to send message to their beloved ones anymore. So, from where will WhatsApp get the profit? Although the service charge now is free, WhatsApp still does not show advertisements. But this thing is still a trial.

WhatsApp will add the communication service between the business and the customer such as bank and the clients, or aviation and the passengers if they want to tell important news. And that’s all can be done through WhatsApp short message and call. These things are also still trial, so WhatsApp needs feedback from you the users. Enjoy your free account!