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Often Feel Sleepy? These May Be the Cause!

Spectr News Theme Nadia Latief
27, November 2015

Do you often feel drowsy even when you already have enough sleep? Maybe there are some things that bother your health condition. Here are some of the causes of never ending drowsiness:

1. Anemia
Anemia can cause our body lack of iron so the red blood cell that needed to bring oxygen to the body tissues and organs decreased. As a result, the body lost its power and you will feel extreme drowsiness. The yawning is a reaction that is saying that your body is lacking of oxygen. This is why women on their period can be sleepy all the time.

2. Diabetes
Glucose is the fuel of energy that is released in the body cells because of the existence of oxygen. If someone has a high blood glucose level, their body cannot use the glucose to supply energy. So the unused glucose can only make people feel tired and sleepy all the time. That’s why you have to avoid consuming an excessive sweet food and beverages.

3. Dehydration
Exhaustion and drowsiness can also be a sign that a person is lacking of liquid, or dehydrated. This is usually happen after working out. That’s why you need to fulfill your body’s water needs to make you feel refreshed.

4. Depression
Depression also contributes to physical symptoms. Headache and losing appetite are the most common symptoms showed in depressed people. Usually a depressed person will tend to feel lazy in doing things, like in working, eating, or thinking. The laziness then will cause sleepiness that is hard to get rid of. It is better to make yourself busy with activities to avoid depression.

5. Overeating
People tend to feel sleepy right after eating. It is because the body needs energy to process the food we consumed. Due to the lack of energy in your body, the brain commands you to sleep to fuel up the energy to process the food. But sleeping after eating is not good for your health. Watch your eating portion.


Nadia Latief
Nadia Latief