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Soft Japanese Bread with Various Flavors

By Isny Dewi R

15 October 2020

If you want to try Japanese bread, you can get it at Oishii Japanese Bake.

Photo source: The Spruce / Jennifer Perillo
Lately, the trend of bread in Indonesia is filled with Japanese bread which has characteristic of soft and fluffy texture. The bread also looks solid and attractive, so it's no wonder that many people are curious and interested in eating it.
Japanese bread has several forms. The most common is bread shaped like white bread, but there is also one that look like soft bread with square shape. There is also Japanese bread shaped like Indonesian keset bread, but the texture is softer. Usually, the color is adjusted according to the variant filling in it.
If you want to try the last type of Japanese bread, you can get it at Oishii Japanese Bake. From its Instagram account, it is known that this bakery offers five variants of Japanese bread, melon, matcha, Nutella, cheese, and floss. One box of bread costs Rp 38 thousand, three boxes costs Rp 110 thousand, while five boxes costs Rp 175 thousand. You can order it via WhatsApp or through the official store on an e-commerce platform.
Photo source: Instagram @oishii_japanesebake
One box of Oishii Japanese Bake contains five big pieces of bread. Of all the variants, what you should try is the matcha taste. This outlet uses matcha mixture in the dough so that the bread turns green. While inside it is filled with thick matcha cream.
Photo source: Instagram @oishii_japanesebake
This variant tastes delicious because the matcha cream is dominant, but it tastes right in the mouth because it's not too sweet or bitter. There is also a distinctive aroma of matcha that you can smell. This Japanese bread is even more delicious thanks to the soft and fluffy texture of the bread.

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