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One and Only, Long Meatball You Need to Try

By Eskanisa R

16 November 2020

For Rp18.000 per portion, it will even keep hunger at bay.

Photo source: Nex Carlos

What is your favourite street food? If the answer is meatballs, make sure not to miss this one! Unlike other meatballs, Bakso Mas Jangkung located in Koja, North Jakarta offering meatballs perhaps most unique of all that shaped by hand, rolled into a long different shape.
As the tagline implies super panjaaaaaaang super joss... when making meatballs, mas Jangkung shape the meat into a long roll as opposed to the pretty round ones make some people name it bakso kelabang (centipede meatball).

Nex Carlos described on his YouTube channel, a bowl of bakso mas Jangkung has a long meatball and two round meatballs with clear soup. This mix of beef and beef vein meatball melt-in-your-mouth texture, chewy and tender. If you are adding a little amount of sweet soy sauce and chili sauce to soup, it adds deeper savoury flavour to the whole soup.
You can also ask for yellow noodles, rice noodles, vermicelli, bean sprouts and green mustard to help keep hunger at bay. To enjoy this mouth-watering meatball open from 11 am, you only need to pay for Rp18.000.

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Bakso Djiwo Mulyo/Bakso Kelabang (Abang Jangkung)
Jl. Kincir, Rawabadak, Koja, Jakarta Utara

Open Hours:

Mulai pukul 11.00 WIB