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One Stop Entertainment at Stockroom Trade & Dishes

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
03, January 2018

In Kemang, South Jakarta, you will not so hard to find a place where you can buy best fashion product or best place to hangout. But if you are looking for both, then you have to visit Stockroom Trade & Dishes.

As its name, this place sells many fashion products for men, and also become a best place to enjoy their good food.

Nestled in a corner at Kemang Selatan, Stockroom Trade with their loft-like space and dark oak flooring, provides patrons with warm and laidback ambience while injecting practicality and ease at the same time. This tiny building consists of two floors, first floor is for the cafe, while the shopping place is in second floor.

Stockroom is home to more than fifteen Indonesian menswear labels such as Oldblue & Co, Elhaus, Voyej and Zevin. They sell many kind of fashion item, such as shirt, jacket, cap, bag, eyeglasses and more.

A quick scan around the store and you will get the sense of the kind of customer they are targeting, young adults who appreciate quality casual outfits with thoughtful details.

Thanks to the minimum amount of clothes hangers and rack, the store’s presentation allows for an uncomplicated browsing. As such, patrons are able to hunt out clothing article easily without needing to approach any sales assistant.

In addition to welcoming the new year, Stockroom Trade offers special discount up to 50%, last until 14 January.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.