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OnePlus – The Flagship Killer

OnePlus – The Flagship Killer


Apple iPhone and Samsung are the kings of smartphones nowadays. But have you ever heard a smartphone brand named OnePlus. This brand was founded on December 2013 by Pete Lau and Carl Pei, ex Vice Presidents of Chinese smartphone company, Oppo. They started from a startup company with a purpose of creating high specification Android smartphone but in more affordable price than other brands. Of course, within the same segment. So, they believe that OnePlus will be the ‘killer’ of flagship brands or other well-known brands.

Until now, OnePlus already has three series, which are OnePlus One, OnePlus Two, and the newly-launched OnePlus X. The specifications of those three are equal to other upper class smartphone brands, such as Samsung S5. But the price is not over Rp5.000.000,-. OnePlus also uses OxygenOS operation system that can be modified based on the users’ needs. This is why OnePlus has a tagline #NeverSettle. For the complete specification, you can check on their official site on the info and contact detail column below.

Previously, if you want to buy OnePlus smartphone, you need to get an invitation from OnePlus. But now, OnePlus is already sold in the market, including Indonesia. But there is only OnePlus One that you can find now. And for the next December, OnePlus X is started to enter Indonesian market through Lazada online shop. Interested to change your smartphone?