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Online Baking Class Recommendations

By Isny Dewi R

29 September 2020

Online baking classes which is ready to teach you how to make cake and bread until you are good at it.

Photo source: Pexels
There are many fun activities you can do at home, one of which is baking. But if you are not an expert, how do you get started? Take it easy! You can take these online baking classes which is ready to teach you how to make cake and bread until you are good at it. Here are the recommendations:
1. Sweet Troops
This online baking class is famous for its delicious garlic cheese bread creation. Managed by chef Livianca Venaessa, Sweet Troops will teach you how to make garlic cheese bread. Starting from the trick of making expand and sturdy bread, but not hard, to mixing cream cheese and savory garlic butter sauce, you can get those here. To be able to take the online baking class at Sweet Troops, you will be charged a fee starting from Rp 1 million.
2. Breadpreneur
Here, chef Iqbal, founder of Master Bakery Halal Indonesia and Malaysia, is ready to guide you in making various kinds of cake and pastry such as coffee bread, shredded roll, puff pastry, and premium donut. Breadpreneur also provides other lesson material choices such as making burger, sweet martabak, rainbow chicken noodles, to mozzarella pizza. The fee for joining the online baking class at Breadpreneur is Rp. 200 thousand which is valid until 7 October.
Photo source: Instagram @kursus_online_roti_pastry 
3. Ragi
This Bandung-based baking class is hosted by pastry chef Yohanes Adhijaya. He is working with three other chefs to provide course material. You can choose from a variety of classes provided regularly. For example, last August, Ragi opened a class on how to make bombolone, babka bread, and sourdough pizza.
Photo source: Instagram
The fee offered to take an online baking course at Ragi is Rp 1 million. This fee includes recipes, free consultation with chef, video, and free Oxone voucher (terms and conditions apply). For registration, you can contact the WhatsApp number listed on Ragi Instagram account

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