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Hidden Coffee Shop at Senopati Suites

Hidden Coffee Shop at Senopati Suites

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Senopati Area in South Jakarta popularly known as the paradise of culinary. Almost every month, a new hangout place come to enliven this area. And the new favorite one is OnThree. Located on the third floor of the Senopati Suites apartment, this place can only be accessed by special elevator, making it hidden from the crowd.

The design of OnThree will keep you sated. Its outdoor area resembles garden, surrounded by plants, with pops of fun from the colorful plush sofas, make the outdoor a perfect place for OOTD lovers. While OnThree’s indoor decorated with 3 contemporary arts on the wall, fun geometric furniture, along acrylic chairs, resembles the trendy loft of young adults where style and comfort are paired into fine composure, making the place fit for business meetings or me time.

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This hype place also offers hype coffee menu. Starts from manual brew with various methods, latte, espresso, affogato, to a unique one like coco latte. It is called unique because this coco latte come with 2 versions. Cold coco latte with topping of scar coconut, and hot coco latte with melted Javanese sugar. For cold coco latte, you will taste coconut sensation from the latte, not the scar coconut.

Selection of snacks to main menus can satisfying your tummy. On the store window near coffee bar you can also pick a temptating pastry or cake. Cake chocolate salted caramel will be perfect pair for your coffee.


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