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Opera Max A Browser Choice to Save Your Data

Opera Max A Browser Choice to Save Your Data


Browsing through smartphone is one thing you can do to surf all the millions of information on the internet. But, seeing photos and watching videos with browser can consume your internet data package. So many people run out of the internet quota before the subscribe time should have ended. That’s why, one of the web browsers, Opera, launches Opera Max, which is a browser that can save more data usage for your smartphone.

Opera Max will send the photo or video on browser to the Opera Max server first. And then, the photo and video will be compressed by the server before it is sent back to your smartphone. You can even save until 50%! The unique part is, the photo and video quality does not have a significant change. You still can watch a video with good quality. Opera Max can also block the application that tends to consume your data package in big amount.

Not only smartphone internet package, Opera Max can also save the usage of Wi-Fi connection so you can get the fast Wi-Fi connection even in public places such as café or restaurant. But, Opera Max is now only provided for Android users. Interested? Download it on Google Play Store now. It’s free!