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A Lot of Advantages and Less Disadvantage of OPPO K3

By Eskanisa R

26 Aug 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of OPPO K3.

Keeping up with growth of games, a lot of vendors make specific series for gaming which also known as gaming phone, one of them is OPPO K3. What kind of advantages and disadvantages of this affordable gaming phone from OPPO? Here are the full review of OPPO K3.


1. ‘Premium’ Chipset

Through their K3, OPPO give you pleasant experience to play your favourite games. OPPO K3 has Snapdragon 710 chipset which known for medium chipset with best performances. Chipset itself is some kind like brain of your phone to control graphics, memory, sound and so forth. Along with that, it also has 6GB RAM and GameBoost 2.0 technology (enhancing your device performance while playing games) and both can be your ideal consideration before purchasing OPPO K3.

2. Fast Charging

OPPO K3 has VOOC 3.0 Flash Charge, it simply means this technology increases voltage during (battery) charging process so it becomes way mare fast. Moreover, VOOC Flash Charge circuit is safe, it won’t make your (phone) adapter easily getting hot.

3. Super Wide AMOLED Screen

Just like other smartphones, OPPO K3 has a Panoramic Screen (6.5-inch screen) with protection of Gorilla Glass 5 and Stroboscopic Eye Protection for user convenience while playing games or surfing on the internet.


1. No NFC

In this fast and sophisticated era, NFC becomes one of crucial feature for smartphone. With NFC, you can easily make payments also has better security system than other data transfer like Bluetooth. Unfortunately, OPPO K3 has no NFC which make you easier to connect devices, transfer data as well as make payments.

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