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Order 66 Sith, the Community of Star Wars Fans

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08, October 2019

You could say Star Wars is a film that has the most fans and is spread in many parts of the world, including Indonesia. Its fans also have a variety of backgrounds, ranging from school kids to those who even have being a father.

In Indonesia alone, there are many communities of the film created by George Lucas, one of those is Order 66 Sith, an independent community that goes about their hobbies without restrictions and rules. Order 66 Sith is a pure non-profit fanbase that is not bound by Disney, but this community is already recognized by Lucas Film in San Francisco.

Like other communities, Order 66 Sith also often holds meetings between members. Once a month they regularly hold a meeting at Toy Zone in Kemang. During the meeting they can share information, exchange or sell collections, to make workshop.

The difference between Order 66 Sith and other communities is that this community does not have branches based on region, but based on stream. This is because Star Wars is the film with the widest fiction world. Over time, there are members who make their own special group of fans of certain characters and often gather with those who are one stream.

Alasan mengapa komunitas ini menggunakan nama Order 66 Sith adalah karena dulu saat era 90-an sampai 2010 komunitas ini bernama Jedai Consul Indonesia, tapi nama itu dirasa terlalu sempit, karena Star Wars bukan hanya soal Jedai saja. Maka diubah lah menjadi Order 66 Sith, sebuah peristiwa penting dalam film Star Wars yang juga melambangkan perubahan. Kata Sith sendiri juga merupakan singkatan dari Star Wars Indonesia Trooper Homebase.

The reason why this community used the name of Order 66 Sith was because in the 90s to 2010 this community was called Jedai Consul Indonesia, but the name was felt to be too narrow, because Star Wars was not only about Jedai. Then it was changed to Order 66 Sith, an important event in the Star Wars film that also symbolizes change. The word Sith itself also stands for Star Wars Indonesia Trooper Homebase.

Order 66 Sith is open to public, there are no special conditions for anyone who wants to join. However, each individual is charged a registration fee of Rp 150 thousand to get some benefits as a member, such as t-shirt, ID card, and others. If you are interested to join, you can register at events they are holding or contact Order 66 Sith contact listed on the side.

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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.