Organic Skincare Products You Should Not Miss

Organic Skincare Products You Should Not Miss


There are so many reasons why people switch their conventional skincare products to the organic one. One of those reasons is reduce the risk of cancer because chemical ingredients, such as parabens, phthalates used in most conventional skincare products. These following brands offer you heaps of organic skincare products without chemicals ingredients also safe for all skin types.

1. Sensatia Botanicals

photo source: https://www.instagram.com/sensatia_botanicals/?hl=en

The first local brand of organic skincare comes from Bali, Indonesia. Established in 2000, you can easily find heaps product of Sensatia Botanicals in Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kuningan, South Jakarta. Sensatia Botanicals just like heaven for those who craving and love skin and body care roducts which made of natural ingredients.

Sensatia Botanicals only use best natural ingredients for all their skin and body care products. It is not only safe for all skin types but also can be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women, including their best Original Soapless Facial Cleanser, Rejuvenating Pomegranate Cleansing Oil, Facial C-Serum, Wild Honey Facial Mask and Blossom Facial Dream Cream at very reasonable prices. All products of Sensatia Botanicals free from animal testing, parabens, phthalate, palm oil, sulfate compound, animal ingredients as well as silicon.

Sensatia Botanicals

Address: Lotte Shopping Avenue

Unit GF-C01, Jl. DR. Satrio Kav 3 – 5, Karet Kuningan, Jakarta 12940

Phone: +622129888893

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sensatia_botanicals/?hl=en

Website: https://sensatia.com/id/

2. Caudalie

photo source: https://www.instagram.com/caudalie/?hl=en

This one does not come from Indonesia but Caudalie using plant extracts in most of their products. Caudelie is a French brand owned by brilliant couple Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas. Caudelie carries out natural concept that only use quality products, mostly from plant extracts, parabens and phthalates free. Some of the excellent products of Caudelie you can easily find at Sephora Indonesia stores are Caudelie Beauty Elixir, Caudelie Organic Grape Water, Caudelie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum and Caudelie Moisturizing Sorbet that actually absorb into your skin easily.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caudalie/?hl=en

3. The Bath Box

photo source: https://www.instagram.com/thebathbox/?hl=en

This skin and hair care brand also using natural ingredients have been distributing their products since last 2013. The Bath Box provides best products for all skin type, especially for those sensitive skin, like dry or eczema even back pimples at reasonable prices. For example, its best-selling product, Goat’s Don’t Lie Liquid Soap, liquid soap use pure goat milk to get rid of sensitive skin problems hence nourishing the skin.

Along with that, you also should try its Scary Face Charcoal Face Cleanser with active charcoal to cleanse clogged pores and lift excess oil on your face, Daily Secret 95% Galactomyces Facial Treatment Essence for any skin enthusiasts to lock moisture and Aquabloom Facial Hydrating Moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. If you find yourself curious about their products, you can order through this following official website.

The Bath Box

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebathbox/?hl=en

Website: http://thebathbox.co.id/