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A Legendary Snack

A Legendary Snack

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Otak-otak (Indonesian fish cake) is one of Indonesian street snacks that favorited by many people. If you want to have one, you can visit Otak-Otak Binatu AN, which known as the legendary otak-otak stall. Opened since 1958, this place is known by many people as the most delicious otak-otak in Jakarta. With Rp9.000,- per piece, the taste will make the price worth!

The otak-otak size is not so small and also not so big, with the tempting aroma, tasty flavor of fish, and also the tender texture will make you addicted to it. You should also try their Es Jeruk Kelapa Muda (coconut ice with orange juice) to accompany you enjoying the otak-otak. The taste is guaranteed to freshen your day! Curious to try?


Jl. A.M. Sangaji No. 23, Petojo, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia



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