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It’s Not a Hotel, It’s a Restaurant

It’s Not a Hotel, It’s a Restaurant

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When you eat in this place, you will feel like being in a hotel lobby. Even from the outside, the restaurant has a signage similar to a hotel. Yup! It is the concept offered by Otel Lobby. That is why they use premium ingredients for their food because they focus on the quality.

To create unforgettable food, Otel Lobby pay attention in important aspects of food, including the taste, texture, balance, and consistency. You don’t need to doubt it, you won’t leave the restaurant disappointed.

Not to mention the comfortable atmosphere that you can feel here from the beautiful decoration with brown and black dominating it, the warm lighting, music playing, and other unique ornaments.

For the food, you can order OTL Sampler, which is various bar food for sharing or the Fish Taco. Entering the main course you can order the Mac n’ Cheese with Fried Chicken, Beetroot Fettucine, Local Duck Confit, or their pizza.

Not only that, there are other choices from seafood, steak, and local food such as OTL Fried Rice, OTL Soto Mie Jakarta, and OTL Nasi Gurih Rames that you cannot miss.

Their beverages including coffee, mocktails, cocktails, fresh juice, wine, liquor, and spirits. Otel Lobby is also suitable for a meeting place.

They have a strategic location, adequate space, and great food—an enjoyable combination for a meeting, aren’t they?


The Annex Building of Bakrie Tower, Jl. Epicentrum Tengah, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan





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