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Enjoying the Latest Food

Spectr News Theme Miranti Devina
21, August 2015

There’s one more interesting place to hunt for food in the north of Jakarta. Located in Kelapa Gading, OTW Food Street turns to be an ideal place for youngsters to chitchat and relax. The ambience and menu based on the latest food trends make this place crowded with youngster. You can also meet adults once in this restaurant with mini food court concept.

The manager of OTW Food Street already anticipates the crowd with providing lots enough of seats in various spots. There are indoor and outdoor area with industrial theme. The unique thing is, there is a classic sewing machine used for dining table on the outside.

There are some food stalls in OTW Food Street. You can find various taste of martabak at Martabak OTW stall, such as sweet martabak, egg, blackpepper beef, corned, kebab, and tuna. At OTW Rice, Noodle, and Bread, you can order main dishes such as fried rice, dim sum, chicken noodle, and various of breads. The most favorite bread here is Long John Bread which is a big sized beef sandwich and Black Beef Burger, which is a burger with black bun.

Located a little bit far from the previous stalls, Beyond Cendol & Duren Bar and Chew A Bit will spoil the desserts lover with the Ice Durian and kue cubit with various toppings. After you order the foods, now it’s your time to visit Coffee & Drink stall so you can find various drinks such as coffee, tea, and milk-based ice blended.

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina