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OVO A Payment Platform that Will Ease You

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
10, December 2018

If you hear about OVO, you may will remember a payment system in one of ojek online companies in Indonesia or an app that used for paying your parking fee at Lippo Group malls. Since it has existed two years ago, OVO introducing itself with ensconce under merchants and units still connected to that big company.

But OVO is designed with open platform principle. That is what makes OVO become financial technology service who can penetrate its business to other business units outside Lippo Group and not depend on Lippo. Today, OVO has been collaborate with more than 32.000 merchants on its services and only 3 – 5% which are parts of Lippo Group.

At the beginning, OVO strive to attract customers or users with their promo and offer like 30% cashback at several f & b outlets. It is an effective way to attract people, but not only that, because OVO also targeting other achievements, not just adding users, but also make OVO as the main electronic payment for its users.

In the future, OVO will be expanded from mostly using as a payment, there will be other features such as loan, savings, to investment service. For now, OVO is not only giving you convenience for paying your parking fee, but also insurance payment, any kind of bills, and more. To top up the balance, aside at OVO Booth, you can also top up via ATM, Alfamart, internet or mobile banking, and using debt card. Recently, OVO has been collaborate with Tokopedia as one of their payment, replacing TokoCash.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.