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Pagi Sore Restaurant For Rendang Lovers

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
15, November 2017

Established since 1973, it is not surprisingly that this modern Padang restaurant that offering you comfort food and atmosphere has special ability to compete with other Padang restaurants. Pagi Sore Restaurant also known as one of the best Padang Restaurants in Jakarta.

In Jakarta, Pagi Sore has four branches you can visit for lunch or dinner, Rawamangun, Cempaka Putih, Cipete Raya and Kalimalang. One of the outlets you never find restful is Cipete Raya.

You will find clean wide space while friendly staff welcoming and leading you to your table. Along with tasty rendang worth from Rp25.000 per piece, you should try another favorite dishes, like chicken pop, chicken gulai, chicken rendang (spicy meat dish with generous amounts of spices and ingredients including meat and coconut milk), seafood, balado fish (spicy fish) or tofu shrimp.

When a plate of rendang served on your table, rendang aroma spreading, so appealing. It taste way better if you mix white rice with rendang. Without having trouble of cutting meat, so tender, you can cut with spoon. Savory, spicy yet sweet flavors will pamper your taste buds.

You should try their refreshing drinks, like Casanova, combination kiwi and lemon, Grape Kiss combination grape and orange or Monalisa combination of lemon, orange and vanilla ice cream, super refreshing!


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani