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Pamela Gumulya: Starting a Business from Passion

By Isny Dewi R

13 August 2020

Pamela Gumulya chose to become a florist because of her passion for flowers.

Photo source: Pamela Gumulya doc.
The idea to start a business can come from anywhere. It can be from the neighborhood, closest people, or even a passion of something. Just like Pamela Gumulya did, she started a business from her passion for flowers. Since 2013, Pamela chose to become a florist. She named her business: ELSA Flower.
"It was started because I really love and admire flowers," she said to Check In Jakarta why she is interested in becoming a florist.
Here is our interview with Pamela Gumulya who has been in the florist business for seven years.
Photo source: Pamela Gumulya doc.

Can you tell us about how you started ELSA Flower?
“It started because I really like and admire flowers. When I was waiting in the hotel lobby or buildings and I saw decorations or flower arrangements, I could stand in front of it and watch the details.
My parents saw my passion since I was a child. After I graduate college, that passion is still alive. Then I was looking at a course on how to learn and arrange flowers. After I had florist courses, I didn't immediately become a florist. Instead, I worked in an interior magazine from Singapore, Home & Décor. I learned a lot from that magazine.
Then I made up my mind, with moral support from my husband. In 2013, ELSA Flower was established. It was not easy in the beginning. Because I started ELSA flower in an online platform. At that time, we have many rivals. But those who sell flowers on the online platforms are quite a few. Back then, if we want to buy an arrangement flower, we can come to our favorite florist and see the album of their creations.”

Why did you name ELSA Flower?
“I’m a simple person. I’m looking for a simple name and easy for people to remember and they feel comfortable. ELSA is also combination names of my mother-in-law and my mother’s name. Elizabeth is my mother-in-law’s name and Marisa is my mother's name., Finally it became ELSA. ELSA also means joyful. So it is all connected.”

It means that ELSA Flower really started from your passion for flowers, right?
“Yes! ELSA flower itself has a tagline "To brighten up your day." I want the recipient of my flower arrangement to feel happy. In any condition, from sad to happy moment.”

Until finally, you are in your position today, how do you make people interested in ELSA Flower?
“Everything needs process. Although, right now I’m still learning and running the process. The most important thing for me in doing this business is trust, service, and good product.”

What do you provide for the customers in ELSA Flower?
“ELSA Flower can provide you bouquets, vase flower arrangements, standing flowers, decorations for private events, and weddings. I also recently launched a bloom box with personalized words.”
Photo source: Pamela Gumulya doc.
Are you involved in making the arrangement or someone else taking care of it?
“Even though I have a team, I still get involve to do an order from a customer.”

Can you tell us what is ELSA’s Flower signature?
“Mostly my customer like the formal and elegant style. So, I adjust my design with my customer’s will. While clean look, formal, and elegant style have become ELSA Flower personal style.”

For the price, what is the price range at ELSA Flower?
“The price starts from Rp 575.000,- and above. For decorations, it starts from Rp 30.000.000,-.”

How to order at ELSA Flower?
“Just follow @elsa_flower, and you will find our contact number.”

The last question, today the world is currently hit by Covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses are starting to slow down. How do you deal with this situation for ELSA Flower to stay exist?
“During the early days of the pandemic, there were no orders at all. Finally, I posted for decorating inspiration at home. We were at home a lot, we definitely couldn't stay still, and want to arrange things. Finally, someone ordered a wall decoration, and it was really funny. There was also a customer who want to organize their dining room, and order flowers too. And I use dried flowers, so they last long and can be enjoyed.
Photo source: Pamela Gumulya doc.
There are so many lessons I learned from this situation. Business not only business but a business with a soul that makes us different. That is what I learned from this pandemic.”
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