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Pamper Your Body with 4 Massage Techniques at Yhi Spa

By Isny Dewi R

24 January 2020

Yhi Spa offers a spa using four massage techniques.

Need relaxation to restore your body fitness? If so, this weekend it's time for you to go to spa. Check In Jakarta recommends you to try out a spa that uses four massage techniques that you can get at Yhi Spa, located in Gran Melia, Kuningan, South Jakarta.

One of the most pampering treatments at Yhi Spa is Yhi Signature Massage. Before the spa starts, you will be asked to fill in your personal data and answer some questions related to your massage.

The therapist also asks you to choose what scent of massage oil you want. The oil they used is grape seed oil with three different scents. Grape seed oil itself has health benefits, one of which is maintaining your skin health by fighting inflammation due to free radicals, because there are vitamin E and omega-6 in this oil.

After filling in your details and choosing your massage oil scent, the therapist will take you to a spacious spa room. In this spa room, there are two beds and a long sofa, and a bathroom equipped with a bathtub and shower.

Yhi Signature Masssage starts with cleaning your leg area first. After that, you are asked to lie down to begin the massage that combines four massage techniques, they are from Indonesia, Sweden, Thailand, and Hawaii. Massage pressure can be adjusted. If you don't want it to be too tight, you can ask the therapist.

The spa starts with a Thai massage to stretch your stiff body muscles. Followed by a combination of Swedish, Hawaiian and Indonesian massage. The Hawaiian massage technique used is an ancient healing technique called Lomi-lomi. This massage can relax your body and eliminate toxic in your body. While the Swedish massage technique is useful for expediting your flow of oxygen in your blood and reducing stress.

After the 90-minute spa is complete, your body and mind will feel relax and refresh. During the spa session, the room is dim and playing soothing music. So, if you feel your body stiff or achy, it seems you should try Yhi Signature Massage at Yhi Spa.

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @granmelia_jkt


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