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Pamper Your Skin with Oxygen Therapy at Beauty Couture

Pamper Your Skin with Oxygen Therapy at Beauty Couture

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Almost every women want to have a clean and healthy face skin. Many of them would go to lining up in the beauty clinic and spent big amount for one time face treatment.

But this kind of thing is not valid in Beauty Couture. This beauty clinic offering treatments with affordable price start from around Rp200.000 only. But don't get wrong! The results will be guaranteed satisfy. 

Combaining with variant treatment using natural based from head to toe fused with relaxation and private service. This beuaty clinic located in Mall Taman Anggrek, West Jakarta, ready to give a quality treatment. 

On eof best treatment at Beuaty Couture is Tripolar RF Treatment which can destroy fat, skin detoxification, accelarate the blood circulation.

There is also Beauty Platinum Therapy, it is a face treatment using masker and serum. According to the name, it contains natural platinum mineral in the masker and serum which can moist face skin, work as anti oxidant, normalized hidration level, and helping to brighten up face skin.


Not less interesting, there is also Oxygen Facial Therapy. It is a treatment using a tool to absorb oxigent from nature which produce 90% of pur oxigent. This facial treatment has a benefit as anti-oxidant, slow down aging process, eliminate pimple, and increase collagen produvtion which make the face moist, healthy, soft, and bright. 

Well, if you want to do safe and comfortable face skin treatment without have to pay more, you can visit Beauty Couture! 


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