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Pampering Yourself with Authentic Reflexology at Re-la-xing

By Eskanisa R

03 September 2019

Re-la-xing with authentic reflexology and body treatments in Sarinah, Thamrin.

Do you know by spending 60 minutes for full body massage as same as rest for 8-hour of sleeping? Here, Re-la-xing Massage Reflexology offers you quality treatments for whole body include massage.


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Hence Re-la-xing located in the midst of hustle bustle of Jakarta, Sarinah Thamrin to be precise, once you walking through their main door, you can embrace the calm. Provides simple concept with minimalist décor, the atmosphere of Re-la-xing makes you feel more relax and chill.


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While visiting Re-la-xing, you should not miss their best treatments at affordable prices start from Rp50.000 such as Traditional Massage, perfect combination of powerful massage with relaxing aromatherapy, Reflexology for your hand and feet to stimulate nerve functions, Body Scrub (Chocolate, Strawberry, Green Tea and Milk) to remove dead skin also smooth out the surface of your skin Face Acupressure to increase blood circulation to the face and Totok Full Body (Theraupetic massage).


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Moreover, if you are regular visitors, you can request their therapists suit your needs. You can easily book your trusted therapists at Re-la-xing through number listed in contact detail. So, are you interested in?

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Re-la-xing Massage Reflexology
Gedung Sarinah, Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 11, Upper Ground

Open Hours:

10.00 – 23.00 WIB (Senin – Sabtu)

More Information:

Phone: 021 - 3902049