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Panning for Money from these Marriage Businesses

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22, April 2019

Wedding business is now increasingly popular. Are you among those who want to take part in the wedding business but don't know what business kind you want? Forget about business idea of photographer or makeup artist (MUA) which need a lot of capital, both money and skills. Quoted from Swara Tunaiku, these are five wedding business ideas that you can try with a few capital.

1. Souvenir Buy Service
Don't get wrong! This point does not mean you have to make your own souvenir. Instead, you offer yourself to buy what bride and groom. Because, generally the brides are too bothered to find and choose their own souvenirs that they want to share later.

After knowing exactly what kind of souvenir the bride and groom want, you just have to find it, package it as attractive as possible and labeling the name of the bride and groom. You can also including your telephone number or social media account to promote your business to invited guests, who knows they are interested in using your service. Simple and easy, right?

2. Seserahan Wrap Service
This one business idea is also easy. You only need gun glue and creativity. But wrapping seserahan can’t be arbitrary. You must learn the wrapping art first. But it's not as difficult as learning the art of wedding photography or MUA.

3. Food Stand
If your friends are going to get married, try lobbying them to be willing to accept you open a food stall at their wedding reception. No need to provide complicated food, you can serves siomay, cakes, or fruit salad. Well, because the one you lobby is your friend, it doesn't hurt to give affordable price for them. After all, you have also been given the opportunity to promote your business to many people.

4. Photobooth Knick-knacks
In today's gadget and social media era, almost everyone likes taking photos. You can also use this opportunity at a wedding. like making a photobooth or just making unique photobooth trinkets. Of course this business kind requires creativity and ability to design, and does not miss the sense of humor to produce photo accessories such as “still single”, and more funny writings.

5. Wedding Planner
You might often coming to weddings and talking with your married friends. Those can be at least your asset. From there, you will get a lot of understanding about the theme and model of wedding reception. Ranging from simple, to glamorous wedding. Well, make it the beginning of you opening a wedding planner or wedding organizer business. However, here you need lots of connections and partners, because you can't do it alone.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.