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A New Culinary Heaven with Thick Chinese Nuance

By Isny Dewi R

11 December 2020

Pantjoran PIK is a culinary area inspired by Pancoran Kota, in West Jakarta, with a thick Chinese nuance.

Photo source: Instagram @pantjoranpik
Another new hangout place in Jakarta that has recently been viral on social media, Pantjoran PIK. Located on Golf Island, in Pantai Maju, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, this place was officially opened on 20 November 2020. Pantjoran PIK is a culinary area inspired by Pancoran Kota, in West Jakarta, with a thick Chinese nuance.
Pantjoran PIK is located on the coast of North Jakarta, which is connected by Pantai Indah Kapuk area via a 300-meter-long bridge. Here, you can find all kinds of places to eat, from legendary street food, Peranakan dishes, to traditional food that might only be found at Pantjoran PIK. Not only are they occupied by restaurants, there are also those who sell their food using carts, making it easier to access.
Photo source: Instagram @pantjoranpik
What's interesting about this culinary area is the presence of an iconic Chinese gate. Not only that, this area also provides many Instagramable photo spots such as walls with artistic murals, to dioramas created by artist Gladys Teo-Simpson. The diorama represents inspiring culture and Pantjoran, which can be used as entertainment and educational facilities, while on a culinary vacation.
Apart from providing nice photo spots, visitors can also enjoy weekly entertainment such as guzheng music, thousand-handed dance, lion dance, and tai chi sports. Pantjoran PIK area is also equipped with a prayer room for Muslim visitors.
Photo source: Instagram @pantjoranpik
As long as the COVID-19 pandemic has not ended, visitors at PIK Pantjoran are asked to comply with applicable health protocols, such as passing body temperature check, wearing masks, and maintaining distance between visitors. The culinary area in PIK also provides place for handwashing and hand sanitizer at several points.

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Pantjoran PIK
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