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Traditional Concept with Multinational Products

Traditional Concept with Multinational Products


When you hear the word “market”, you may think about a dirty and smelly place like some traditional market in Indonesia. But not with Pasar Santa (pasar: market), a stylish hangout spot in traditional market.

Pasar Santa’s popularity lies at the second floor where there are many food stalls and restaurants serving multinational cuisine. From Indonesian traditional snacks such as kue cubit and cendol, to western snacks such as churros, dim sum, and fruit choux. And each of them is served in tempting and innovative presentation. For example, we can find the taste of green tea and red velvet kue cubit here.

You will also find other “treasure” here. Yup, it is the shopping place with affordable price! From shoes, clothes, and the latest accessories, they are stacked in order here so you can choose them easily. The stalls are adapting the modern and vintage interior style. The cleanliness is also good. But make sure you wear casual and comfortable clothes because this market does not use Air Conditioner.


Jalan Cisanggiri II Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta