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Korean Refreshing Sensation in a Bowl of Ice

Korean Refreshing Sensation in a Bowl of Ice

Sweets 11.00 - 22.00


This Korean dessert is being popular nowadays in Jakarta. Patbingsoo is a dessert consists of shaved ice served with various toppings. At first, patbingsoo only consists of shaved ice and sweet red bean, but now it has been developed with additional toppings such as ice cream in many flavors, fruits, and also syrup. Sounds refreshing, right?

For you who want to try this refreshment, you can visit PatBingSoo which is located at Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera. PatBingSoo is on the second floor of Seorae Restaurant. Entering PatBingSoo, you will feel like being in a train station because that is the design concept of this dessert parlor. No wonder, the menu names here come after the cities in Korea.

You will find a unique thing on one of their menu, such as Bibim Patbingsoo. At a glance, there is like a sunny side up on top of the shaved ice and fruits, looks like Korean bibimbap menu. But apparently, the sunny side up is a vanilla ice cream and a piece of peach fruit. There is also Sinsa Patbingsoo which using a half of melon fruit as the bowl with melon pieces on top of it. Well, there are still other patbingsoo menu variations here. Topped with cheesecake, popcorn, and also cereal. If you want a different sensation of digging a patbingsoo bowl, try visiting PatBingSoo. Refreshing and yummy!


Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera Extension Kav. 3A, Tangerang 15325, Indonesia



Operational Hours

11.00 - 22.00